The LS keyless door lock is a perfect balance of security, benefits, and value. With features like auto lock, remote codes, and scheduled access, the perfect lock for you and your guests.

Tired of Guests taking keys home or losing them? Tired of having to manage the many keys your properties have? Frustrated with guests checking in early or staying later than checkout? Are you changing lock box combinations too often?

The Lock allows you to take more control of your property than you have ever had. No keys, no cards, no lockouts. The Lock allows you to grant access to your rental property remotely, even if you are in another state. The lock can also provide selective access to not only your guests, but also maintenance, housekeepers, and contractors. Whether you are a management company or an individual owner that has a vacation rental you can rest assured that only authorized individuals gain access, and only when you want them in.

Here is how Lock DOES NOT work. The lock never has to be connected directly to a computer nor do you have to connect the lock to the internet. Inside the Lock is a computer chip that runs a complex algorithm. This algorithm is able to compute what the code should be during any given time period. One way to think of it is that the lock is pre-loaded with codes. For example, if you wanted to give your guest access to your property from Friday at 2:00pm to Sunday at 12:00pm, your lock would already know .



·         Finishes: Silver or Brass

·         Lighted keypad

·         Weather resistant keypad

·         Remote code generation – unlimited codes over the year.

·         Up to 800 permanent codes

·         Set times for lock to Auto Lock/Unlock daily (must be the same for all 7 days of the week).

·         Issue one-time use codes for contractors, cleaners, etc.

·         Daylight savings mode to adjust for daylight savings time

·         Lockout functionality

·         Key Bypass: Standard


 LS Lock allows you to provide temporary access codes to your guests from anywhere in the world. Issuing temporary codes to guests is as easy as 1, 2, 3… well, okay… 4. Temporary codes are created with the scheduling software that is imbeded in our code generation website that you are given free access to. Once you log in to the web site, you are 4 simple steps away from providing access to your guest. No keys, no cards, no lockouts, no problems.


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